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A little about me…

Well, I’m a student of the Islamic Sciences and an advocate of exploring the realm of digital currencies; in particular, Bitcoin. I love Islam and I love the potential that I believe Bitcoin possesses as a possible means of shifting humanity away from centralized economic systems that can be oppressive and/or unjust.

I found that there was no one place where Muslims could go to learn about Bitcoin and digital currency in the Muslim world in a clean, organized and authoritative way. So, I took it upon myself to launch a website that would be dedicated to sharing all types of information about Bitcoin and other digital currencies as it relates to Islam and Muslims all over the world.

I have studied a foundational Islamic Finance course with Ustadh, Dr. Ashraf Muneeb ​and I am also studying the Maliki text, al-Ashmawiyyah, written by Sheikh Abdul Al-Bari Al-Ashmawi Al-Rifa’i, taught by Ustadh Abdus Shakur Brooks. Please feel to listen to Ustadh Brooks here, Matn Al Ashmawiya – متن العشماوية (Maliki Fiqh).

In addition to my love of Islam and Bitcoin, my talents lie in the realm of communications and media. I’m an actor. My acting biography can be found here, André Rishi Website.

I am a constant work in progress always moving towards light, insha’Allah (God willing).

Thanks for stopping by ~
André Rishi, founder of Islam and Bitcoin.